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How to Boost Your Fertility

Learn how to boost your fertility in this Howcast video.


There are certain environmental factors that can lessen the chances of fertility occurring in a couple. Both men and women are subject to certain environmental toxins that can affect their fertility potential.

In women in particular, smoking is perhaps the greatest threat to fertility. Smoking, particularly one pack a day smoking, or even less over a long period of time, has been shown to make many women go into menopause up to two to three years earlier than their counterparts who are not smoking. Smoke has an adverse effect directly on the eggs themselves and smokers often are subject to poor egg quality and poor egg numbers. Additionally, high alcohol consumption, the use of cocaine and the use of marijuana are associated with substantially lower chances of fertility in both men and women.

In men, environmental toxins are also important as they can have an effect on sperm number and quality. Specifically, certain toxins cause a decrease in sperm number, but also particularly in the movement of the sperm or in the shape of the sperm. In men smoking is also a major factor that can have an adverse effect on fertility, as is alcohol intake.

However, perhaps the greatest environmental factor is excess heat exposure. Men who are exposed to high heat through hot baths or whirlpools often have a lower sperm count and poor sperm movement. It's very important that men avoid excess heat exposure in order to optimize their sperm counts. It's also very important that men eat healthy, remain well hydrated and avoid any hormonal toxins.

In particular, men who use testosterone enhancing medications; either for sports or for any other reason, will have a very diminished sperm count. In some cases the sperm count decreases to zero. In men in particular, it's important to avoid high heat exposure, smoking, high alcohol consumption and live good healthy lives.

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