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How to Become an Egg Donor

Learn how to become an egg donor and what to expect in this Howcast video.


Many couples require a donation in order to achieve pregnancy. In order for them to do that they need the eggs from a young donor. Many young woman are interested in being donors. What these woman need to understand is that they need to have good egg quality and good egg numbers in order to be a donor. If you're interested in being an egg donor what you need to do is to contact a fertility center or answer an advertisement in the papers for egg donations for certain agencies that are trying to find donors. In order to be an effective egg donor you must understand that you have to be healthy and drug free, and capable of giving yourself injections.

These injection are very small needles that go under the skin and are generally are very easily tolerated. The egg donation process requires that the woman be treated with certain fertility medications to induce follicle development, or to induce development of multiple eggs in the ovaries. These medications will be taken by the donor for about a two week period. At that time the donor will be put under a intravenous anesthesia and then have the eggs retrieved vaginally with a needle that goes through the vaginal wall into the ovaries. There are no stitches. There are no incisions. An hour later the donation process is completed. Egg donors are compensated for giving their eggs, it's typical to pay a woman $8,000 to $85,000 in order to donate eggs. There is a time commitment and there is some physical discomfort by taking the medications, but those symptoms quickly resolve after the donations completed.

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