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How to Pick a Sperm Donor

Learn how to pick a sperm donor in this Howcast video.


A significant number of women that I see are interested in using sperm donation. Many of these women are single women who are choosing to conceive on their own or cases in which I have many lesbian couples who are trying to conceive with the use of donor sperm. Sperm donation is, therefore, very common, and there are multiple banks around the country that do provide sperm.

In order to choose a sperm donor, certain questions need to be asked by the women. What racial group is she looking for, or what ethnic group? Does she have any specific preferences? Many women choose physical characteristics from a sperm donor, ethnicity, religious background, or racial background that matches their own. In cases of lesbian couples, oftentimes, the couple will often choose a sperm donor that reflects each of their physical characteristics.

Men who are interested in donating sperm can go to one of the larger sperm banks in the country, and there are many online, and indicate that they are interested. At that time, these men will have their blood taken to check for infectious diseases and have a very detailed genetic and family history.

The sperm will be kept in the bank, not used by any particular recipient, until six months later when the man will again have his blood tested for infectious diseases. It is only if the second set of infectious diseases are normal that the sperm will be released to the general population for use.

This is very important to realize as many single women or women in lesbian couples have a friend that they want to use or someone significant to them whose sperm they want to use. This cannot be the case in certain states. For example, in New York state, sperm must be quarantined for six months before it is released. This is true when sperm comes from any partner or friend that is not an intimate partner. This is done to reduce the chances of infectious disease occurring.

Sperm donation is a very important part of fertility care. It is used by tens of thousands of women worldwide and is an excellent service for a fertility center to provide.

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