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Pros & Cons of Harvesting Your Eggs vs. Using an Egg Donor

Learn the pros and cons of harvesting your eggs versus using an egg donor in this Howcast video about infertility.


Many women, as they age, still would like to be able to use their own eggs to conceive. In many cases, that's a very reasonable, appropriate thing to do, and we do do extensive ovarian testing, both by ultrasound and by blood work, to determine if a woman's chances of conceiving using her own eggs are good.

In many cases, however, the egg supply or the quality of the eggs has diminished so much that the chances of conceiving with her own eggs are extremely low, perhaps 5% or less. In those cases, particularly in cases in which there is a limited amount of money to be spent for fertility care, we recommend the use of donated eggs.

Egg donors are typically under 28 years old, and often have a very excellent egg supply. The chance of conception, instead of being 5%, now is approximately 70%. The chance of miscarriage is also greatly diminished.

In determining whether a woman should use her own eggs or those of a donor, she must first determine the quality and number of her own eggs, and then make a decision, both emotionally and physically, and financially, about whether egg donation will work for her and her partner.

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