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How Women Increase their Risk of Infertility

Learn how women increase their risk of infertility in this Howcast video.


A woman's chances of infertility increases by certain life habits and by certain physiological factors. Age is a primary factor. As women become older, the number of eggs that they have become fewer and the quality of those eggs diminishes. In addition, women with high risk sexual behavior, that is multiple partners with unprotected sex, are at risk of certain sexually transmitted diseases that cause Fallopian tubes to become ecluded, and to cause fertility to become compromised. Other issues like fibroid tumors or ovarian cysts can also affect the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. Environmental toxins like smoking and alcohol are also associated with diminished fertility. So, in general, a woman's risk of becoming infertile are increased by aging, high risk sexual behavior, smoking, and alcohol consumption.

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