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How to Find an Infertility Specialist

Learn how to find a good infertility specialist in this Howcast video.


In order to find a infertility specialist, the first thing you have to do is differentiate between someone who calls themselves an infertility specialist and a true infertility specialist. Many gynecologists will state that they're infertility specialist on their shingles or in their advertisements, but a true infertility specialist is somebody who's specially trained in infertility, somebody who has done a fellowship of three years specifically in reproductive medicine or reproductive endocrinology.

And, then you can find out online whether they're board certified and obviously you want to go for the ones who are board certified. To find one it's really not that difficult. What you have to do is, really just, you can do an internet search or you can go to the major university hospital sites and find out who they have on staff as a reproductive endocrinologist. You can look in magazines, there's advertisements, but most people go by word of mouth. Those are the ways that I would go about trying to find an infertility specialist.

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