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Top 5 Museums to Visit in London

Learn about the top five museums to visit in London in this Howcast travel video.


For centuries, London has been a hub for culture and education, and its world-class museums prove it.

The British Museum has been collecting artifacts since 1753, and today it boasts everything from ancient Greek sculptures to Egyptian mummies.

For Western European paintings, there’s no better place than the National Gallery, where you’ll find the work of Rembrandt, Monet, Michelangelo, and many more.

If you want to see British art while you’re in London, Tate Britain has focused on the national collection of British art since 1897, with pieces dating as far back as 1500. Since its expansion in recent years, it also has acquired a wealth of international modern and contemporary art.

Furniture, sculptures, jewelry, architecture–any kind of decorative artwork you can think of is sure to be somewhere in the Victoria & Albert Museum. It’s known as the world’s best museum of art and design.

And, where better to learn about the history of London itself than the Museum of London? It covers everything from prehistoric times, to the Elizabethan era, to the sixties.

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