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Top 6 Places to Eat & Drink in London

Learn about the top six places to eat and drink in London in this Howcast travel video.


London’s a great place to eat, as long as you plan ahead and stay away from the tourist traps. First, fortify yourself for a busy day of sight-seeing with a traditional hearty English breakfast at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand. Later, try out some of the fine dining London has to offer. Rules, known as London’s oldest restaurant, is the place to go for the best classic British cuisine.Or you could take the less expensive--but no less authentic--route, and go for fish and chips. The Golden Hind and Rock & Sole Plaice are some of the oldest fish and chip places in town. Another great option is Indian cuisine, which London is famous for. Veeraswamy has been a favorite since 1926, but you’re likely to find a good Indian restaurants almost anywhere in the city. You have to visit an English pub at least once while you’re in London. Have a pint at a pub like The Dickens Inn. No matter what kind of food you want, you’re sure to find it in a place as large and diverse as London.

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