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Visiting the Tower of London

Learn about the things you'll see on a tour of the Tower of London in this Howcast travel video.


The Tower of London is also known as the Bloody Tower, and it’s earned the name. Since 1066, when William the Conqueror had it built to frighten his subjects into submission and to threaten those who wanted to invade his kingdom, it has seen the death and imprisonment of royalty–along with a lot of other people. This is where the former queens Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn were executed. Prince Edward V was kept prisoner in the Tower before he vanished, as were bishops, kings, dukes, and more. The Tower of London is such an imposing fortress, it’s where the Crown Jewels are kept safe. With all that bloodshed, it’s no wonder some believe the Tower of London is haunted; you can even take a ghost tour. If that’s not your thing, check out the medieval palace inside the Tower instead. See the Yeoman Warders–or the “Beefeaters”–to learn about the old Royal Bodyguard. Search for the resident ravens; it’s said that England will fall if they leave the Tower. The Tower of London has so much history, you can’t
afford to miss it.

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