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How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

Learn how to make your makeup last all day in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So, one of the main things when you're applying your makeup is making sure that it stays on and stays the way you want it to all day. So how to make your makeup last all day is a huge thing, and here are some tips. So, the first thing that I would do is apply primers. I've spoken a little bit about primers in the other video, but the main thing is just making sure that you're using one all over the face, which minimizes fine lines and pores and increases the longevity of your makeup. You can also use an eye primer. With eye primer, you just need a tiny, little squirt, goes all over the lid and make sure it's applied evenly. And there are even some eye primers that go underneath the eye so you can apply a concealer over top and make sure that it doesn't crease throughout the day or fade.

Another trick to making your makeup last all day, is using waterproof formulas. So, waterproof eyeliners, there are even waterproof eye shadows that are in a stick that you can sharpen. Those stay amazingly. Waterproof lip colors, something that's really matte for the lips usually stays a little bit longer than something that's a little glossier or a satin finish. And you can also use a setting powder when you're done with your makeup, and that just kind of sets everything and makes sure that it fills in the areas that you miss and smooth everything out. And one last thing that I really love is setting spray. So, there's a couple of different ones. I have an Urban Decay one, I know Make Up Forever has one, there's even some skin care brands that have setting sprays. I love the Caudelie beauty elixir. That one's amazing, and basically, you just take it, close your eyes, do a couple spritz, make sure it covers the entire face, wait until it dries and your makeup is set all day.

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