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Top 5 Makeup Tips & Tricks

Learn the top five makeup tips and tricks in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


Hey there I some top 5 makeup tips and tricks for you all. My number 1 would be tight lining. I'm not sure if your guys know about this, but it's actually when you line the very top of your eyelid. If you know how to line your inner rim down here, well it's actually just right on top. So, lift those lids and get a little liner in there. It's really easy.

You can either lift up, do a little line like that, or if your a little squeamish you can just kind of blink and get a little in there like that. Basically it just makes the mascara and your lashes look a little bit thicker. It just intensifies that line right there. Even if I'm not wearing any other liner, I still like to tight line. 1 of my other biggest things is just filling in your brows. I think it makes such a big difference, it frames the eyes, it frames the face.

I love the Anastasia brow pencils, this is the Brow Wiz, it also has this little brush on the other end which you can brush through. Make everything look nice and neat, it cleans up the brow, I love it. 1 of the other things that I think is really fun is actually applying a stain under neath your lip color. Because even if the lip color wears off, you still have the stain underneath. I love ?, I have tons of stains but this 1 is really nice and natural lip color but gives a little pop like. You can also use it on your cheeks, also to make your lashes look a little fuller this is a really fun tip.

You can actually use a guitar pick and you can place your guitar pick right behind your lashes and you can actually pull up a little bit so that when your applying mascara, it's brushing back and hitting the guitar pick and not messing up your eye shadow that you've already applied. And it just helps get the lashes a little bit fuller, it's an awesome tip and if you flip it the other way around you can actually separate the lashes if they get clumped together. So, use a guitar pick.

And 1 of my last huge things I love to stress, when it comes to makeup is actually the foundation on makeup is good skin. Wear SPF, I love beauty oils. That's another thing for me, I use rose hip sea oil on my face, argon oil in my hair, coconut oil on my body. I love just oils, keep your skin hydrated, make sure your moisturizing, exfoliating and your makeup will look so much fresher and more beautiful. And those are my top makeup tips and tricks.

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