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How to Use Makeup Brushes

Learn how to use makeup brushes properly in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So there are so many different makeup brushes, and so I could understand why it could get confusing to someone who doesn't know too much about them. So here are some tips on how to differentiate the different brushes, and how to figure out which ones are best for your regimen.

First, for just general face brushes, I have two different types here. This one is a synthetic hair brush, and this one is a real hair brush. The main difference I would say, is that real hair actually has pores within each bristle, so it's really great for powders. It actually picks up the pigment, transfers it very nicely. Synthetic, since it doesn't have the pores, it's awesome for creams. So you can use this for cream foundation, cream blush, cream eye shadow, anything like that. But you can really use synthetic for either, and same with this, but those are just kind of what works best with each.

Another part of the brush that you want to know about is the ferrule. So this is this part right here. They're usually made of some sort of aluminum or metal. You want a ferrule that's going to be very strong because this is what holds the hair into the brush. This brush specifically, the hairs, it's a tri-colored synthetic blend, and they're actually braided all the way down through the ferrule and through the brush, so that they don't have fraying and they don't lose their bristles over time. One thing I do notice, sometimes if they're a lower quality real-hair, they do shed. And that's when you'll get little pricks here and there. So that's why I do like synthetics sometimes.

One of the benefits of a real-hair brush is that over time, they do soften. And I have heard that sometimes synthetic can harden over time, but I haven't had a real issue with my synthetic brushes, but I think it's just finding the good quality brushes. And the main type of real-hair that you'll see in makeup brushes would be goat, sable, and pony. This one specifically is goat. So those are the basic rundown of makeup brushes.

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