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How to Do a Nude Lip

Learn how to do a nude lip in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So I know how everyone wants to get that perfect nude lip and it is pretty difficult, but here are a couple tips to help. My lips are pretty pigmented, so I definitely want to start out by kind of bringing down the color in my lip. So I'm actually going to take some concealer and just dab it on with my finger.

This is just helping to start the process of bringing the pigment of your lip down to nude it out. Nude lips look great with a nice, smoky eye. I always say, if you're going to do a nude lip, play up the eyes or another feature of your face.

Okay, so now that I have my lips kind of blocked out, nuded out, I'm going to start with a little bit of liner. Now this liner might have a little bit more pigment than we want, but we're not going to fill in. We're just going to do a little bit of line around the outside to get that perfect look and then we'll go back over with a more nude lip color.

So, I'm going to start at the peaks of my lip. Just get a little bit of line. It's not too much. You really don't want your lips to get too dark. Then I'm going to start at the corner of the lip and work upwards to connect to what we have just done. So there's the top lip. Now I'm going to start on the bottom.

I like to start in the corner and then work my way over, and I always start by exfoliating my lips first, especially with a nude color. So, next I'm actually using Aqua Rouge #1 by Makeup Forever. These are awesome, #1 has a really nice color for nude lips. It's not too orange-y and it's not too pinky. A lot of them can go one way or the other and you really have to play up with your skin tone what color works for you. So this one works really well for me.

It's got a nice little brush already on it, so I'm going to use this to apply. I'm just going to start kind of in the corners and working over. It's got a lot of pigment so I'll do the bottom lip first, kind of press the lips together and then go from there.

So as you see, the color transferred to the top lip, but I'm just going to go back up and fill in the shape. If you want to go back through and blend with your finger or a lip brush, you can go right ahead and do that. I'm going to just make sure everything is nice and smooth.

Okay. Next, the Aqua Rouge is really nice because it's super long-wearing. You can eat, drink, kiss, you can do whatever you want and it stays on. The nice part about this, it has a second side. It looks like a clear gloss but it's actually a sealant, and it keeps your lips hydrated because a lot of long-wear lip colors dry out your lips.

So I'm going to go ahead and put this on. It looks glossy at first, but it will matte down later. There we go. The last step is just to clean up the lip line around the outside with a little more concealer. I start in the bottom corner over here and blend downwards. That is how to do my favorite nude lip.

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