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How to Create Full Lips

Learn how to make your lips look fuller in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


Everyone wants those big, full balanced lips. One of the best ways to get it is with these tips I'm about to give you.

First, let's start off by exfoliating my lips with the Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub. It's amazing, all natural, and it just gets all the dead skin off the lips. Then, of course, I like to moisturize the lips. I have a Josie Maran Argan Lip Balm. It's amazing and it sinks right into your lips, so you don't have excess residue when you're applying any types of liner or any lipstick on top. That would be the first step. I like to get a nice clean lip line first.

I already have foundation on, but when I'm applying it, I take a little bit and actually go over the top of the lip line a little bit at first. Then, you can use concealer. You don't have to use your foundation, just anything to kind of clean up the lip line first so you can actually create the nice clean line later.

Next, you actually want to examine your lips for symmetry. The first thing is, is you top lip bigger than the bottom or vice versa? Also, are the peaks of your lips going straight up into the center of your nostril. That's usually where I start, right at the peaks. Mine are pretty symmetrical right up into the center. I'm going to start right at the peak with a kind of nude lip liner. It has a little bit of color, not too much. I line downwards, first, to create this look. It also needs to be a 90-degree angle at the peak. Once you have this, as you see it's not too intense, it's just giving that lip a nice little peak. I like to start in this corner, here.

My bottom lip is a little bit fuller than my top lip, so I'm actually going to bring my line starting here a little bit fuller and I'm going to connect it up to the top of the peak. I'm actually going to make my bottom lip a little bit thinner on this side. It's all about balancing and making sure that if you're making something larger in one spot, you want to make it smaller in the other. I'm starting here. I'm going to actually start to go on the outside of my current lip line. You don't want to go overboard here, but just enough to make your lips look a little bit fuller. There's the one side. I'm going to go ahead and replicate that on the other side to make sure they're symmetrical. Now I'm going to do the bottom lip. Like I said, I'm not going to take it quite as far down as my lip line goes currently. I'm going to bring it up a little bit. I'm actually going to come back through later with concealer and bring this in.

Next, I'm just going to fill in a little bit with the lip liner. By doing this, it's going to help your lip to last a little bit longer because it kind of sets the color. It also just makes them look a little smoother and fuller. I just kind of smoosh the lips together to blend it all.

Next, I'm going to take a little bit of lipstick. I just have a nice kind of neutral shade. It's got a little bit of color. I'm going to take a lip brush. Lip brushes are really nice for application. They just give you a nice smooth look, clean, and really blends everything. I'm just basically applying this all over the lip. I finished applying the lipstick all over the lip. They have a little more hydration now. It looks a lot smoother. It has a nice little bit of pop of color.

The next thing I'm going to do is put a little lip gloss on because that's really what makes them look plump and you have a little bit of glow on the lip. I'm going to put the gloss concentrated on the center of the lip. That's where it's going to kind of pop. The gloss that I chose actually has a little bit of pearl essence to it, so it's going to catch the light a little bit more and look a little lighter than the rest of the colors that we have on.

The last step is we're going to clean up the lip line with a little bit of concealer and a concealer brush, just to make it look perfect. I'm just using a flat concealer brush. It's easier to get those clean lines with this one. By putting a highlight on the lip, that also adds to the fullness. Now you can see I'm kind of stretching the lip so that it's straighter so that I can get that line a little bit easier. That's how you get a full and balanced lip.

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