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How to Prevent Lipstick from Fading & Feathering

Learn how to prevent lipstick from fading and feathering in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So I know a lot of people have issues with their lipstick fading or feathering, so here are some tips to prevent this. One of the main things that I like to use is actually lip perfector. So basically all it is, is just a clear lip liner. What's so cool about it is you can either line the outside of the lip to prevent the lipstick from feathering up or you can actually prime the entire lip with this.

So I'll show you a little bit of both. When you're lining the outside you don't want to go right on the tip. You want to actually go just around the outer rim. That's what we're doing here. I'll also kind of show you what you would do if you were lining the entire lip. Just kind of take it in. It's clear so you really can't see it but you just want to make sure it's nice and even and blended.

I'm going to have Bobby go like that. Perfect. It just blends everything so now your lips are primed. You can also use a regular lip liner, just the way we did where we filled everything in. That will help too. The clear one is just kind of fun because you can use it for any lip color. It's very universal.

The next tip that I have for fading or feathering is just choosing a lipstick or a lip color that is long-wear. If you're in a makeup store, you can kind of clearly see which ones are and which ones aren't. The main thing is that you're choosing something that's matte. I have some nice matte lip colors and my favorite, which I will talk about are the aqua rouge by Makeup Forever.

I really, really love these ones. So, what I'm going to do is just apply a little bit on here. They have a lot of pigment so I'm going to take a little off first. I'm going to start on the top of the lip. Just kind of line with this. It's really nice that you can actually create a line with this applicator. So that's how we'll start. Get the shape.

These are really nice. They're very water-proof. They really stay on. You can eat, drink, kiss, this will not fade. I love these. The best part about it is, which I will show you in a minute, that the other side has a sealant, which is keeping your lips hydrated. Because a lot of times, long-wear lip colors are very drying. That kind of matte look will sometimes dry your lips out.

These are very pigmented, so start with just a nice light application. Then I'm going to have her smash her lips together. Perfect. Just add a little more in wherever you need it. We're going to go ahead and do the sealant because that's going to lock all the color in. Here we go. It gives her a nice kind of glossy finish, but it doesn't stay super-glossy. So if you do like matte, you can still use this. That's how to prevent your lipstick from fading or feathering.

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