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How to Use Inner Rim Brightener

Learn how to use inner rim brightener in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So inner rim brightener is really fun trick to opening up your eyes and here is how to use it. There are several different types of inner rim brighteners. I, for instance, have a white one and I also have a flesh tone one. Today on Bobbie, I'm going to use a flesh tone inner rim brightener.

I like something that twists up. This one is a Nars. It's also very waterproof because when you're applying to the inner rim you don't want something that's going to run, so definitely make sure that you have a waterproof pencil. Basically, what you're going to do is just pull down the lid and line the inside. So look forward for me, Bobbie, and I'm just going to pull the lid down a little bit and bring the pencil right in here. If it's uncomfortable just pull back the pencil and come back in.

And basically I love this look. It's used a lot on camera because you don't want the eyes to be too dark or too deep so what we do is we line the inside and then use the darker color below and it really opens it right up. All right. And that's how to use an inner rim brightener.

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