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How to Make Eyelashes Look Fuller

Learn how to make your eyelashes look fuller in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So, everyone wants those big, full, long lashes, and here are a couple tips on how to get those. One of the first things you want to do is curl those lashes. If you curl them, they'll get further up and you'll see some more length. So, look down for me, and I just kind of like to put the lash curler right on the lashes, gently press, and I do little pumps, and just let go. We'll do the other side. You don't want to go too close to the base, you don't want to pinch the eyelid. There we go, just gentle. Getting a little curl helps to get that process started. The next thing you could do, you could use eyelash primer if you'd like. It usually comes in some sort of white tube, goes on, coats the lashes, just adding an extra layer. I'm going to show you the mascara step. So, today I'm using the diorshow blackout mascara.

This one's really nice if you're looking for really bold lashes because it's got actually coal pigment in it, which makes it really deep and dark. And this one's great for volumizing. And how I'm going to start is actually, look down for me, by coating the bottom of the lash first, and I kind of do a swirl, and then I wiggle the brush upwards towards the top of the lash. So, if you see, go right at the bottom, swirl, and that gets all the lashes within the brush, and then I'm wiggling upwards, and getting the very tips of those lashes.

One other thing I like to do is is actually use a guitar pick. So I'm going to place this right here, kind of lift the lid, and I'm going backwards. And when you hit, the mascara actually goes on the pick, and this actually gives the lashes a little more curl. Here we go, we're just wiggling, and when you wiggle that actually creates some space between the lashes so that they don't get too clumped together, because we want big lashes, but we don't want them to be clumpy. It's not a good look. And I also like to concentrate the volume in the thicker part of the lash to the outer side. That way, it's kind of like a winged out look, it really opens the eyes as well.

There we go, and if you do, for some reason, get some kind of clumped up areas, you can flip the pick around, and separate that a bit. We're looking pretty good. So, that is how to make your lashes look bigger.

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