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How to Apply False Eyelashes

Learn how to apply false eyelashes in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So everyone wants larger lashes and one of the ways to achieve this is with fake lashes. So when I start out with fake lashes one of the first things I do is actually take a small brush and curl the lash around and I will kind of show you how I did that. So I have the lashes in here. I'm taking this off and taking a very thin brush and holding with my thumb then just kind of rolling the brush around and it just kind of sticks. And the reason I'm doing this is because it actually holds the curve of the lash, the curve part that sits right on the eyeline, and if it straightens out it will start popping off and annoying you throughout the night. That's my first tip. Another thing we did, so we already have eye makeup on Bobby, I already did a little bit of liner. I just used a cream liner that I applied right at the lash line.

That is one of my other top tips because you don't want to notice the strip of the lash when it's sitting right on the lash line. Do a little bit of black liner, I like black because the lashes are usually black. Do the liner first I also curled her lashes and used a little bit of mascara. So now that we have the lashes curled I'm going to gently peel them off here. I am going to take a little bit of duo glue. This one is one of my favorites I actually have the dark tone, so it comes out it's already black. So you don't really have to wait for it to dry. I am just kind of squeezing a very little bit and applying it straight on. You don't want it to get too thick here. So make sure you are just getting a nice thin amount directly on this part of the lash that holds all the little lashes together. So once you have a nice even layer you want to wait for it to dry you don't want to apply the lashes right away.

So I usually just kind of hold them and bend them like this. This once again is to keep the curve of the lash. I'm just going to let it dry a little bit while I'm bending it and sometimes I'll kind of play with it so they are still flexible. You also don't want it to just bend in a shape that is not like her eye shape. So next I actually have a lash applicator tool, I love this and it actually makes applying lashes very easy for you at home. You can clamp it at the end and I am just squeezing right here and it makes it really easy to kind of come and see what you are doing so your fingers aren't in the way. So go ahead and close your eye. I like to start applying the lash on the outer side of the lash line, getting it as close as you can. You apply that down and then you work it towards the inner part of the eye because you don't want it to be too close in to this inner corner otherwise it will cause some problems. Another thing you can do, these fit Bobbies eye perfectly but you also want to measure and make sure the lashes fit and if you do need to trim them, trim off the outer corner not the inner.

Also I'm just using the other end of the lash applicator tool and pressing the lashes down so that they are; A sticking and will not be and it's as close to her lashes as possible. Sometimes I kind of take my finger and press them upwards, like this. Al right, and you just want to let those dry a little bit. So let those dry for a second. Keep your eye closed. What I am actually going to do is grab a Q-tip with a little bit of eye makeup remover. This is just in case we have a little bit of sticking, sometimes the lashes will stick on the outer and inner corner because it is so close to the bottom part of your lash. So go ahead and try to open for me. See there is a little bit of sticking so I am going to use that, and while this eye dries I am going to go over and reline on top of the other one. So it looks a little cleaner since we just applied the lashes and we lined before but this will just give it a nice little look. I'm going over, just really hides the lashes so you don't tell that they are on. Voila. There we go that is how to apply fake lashes.

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