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How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

Learn how to apply liquid eyeliner in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So liquid liner can be a really tricky thing to use, and here's some tips to make is a little bit easier for you.

The liquid liner that I'm going to use today is this Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner. This one's amazing. I love to use it because it dries very quickly and it also stays on. It's definitely waterproof. This is also a felt tip type of eye liner. There are a lot of different types liquid liners. You can use a cream liner that you apply with a brush. You could also use the other type of liquid liner where you dunk it back and forth into a pot. This one just a little bit easier for me and if you don't have the best hand this will be easy for you as well. I already prepped her with her other eye. This is what we're going to aim to get on the other side. Symmetry is a huge thing for liquid liner.

Basically where we want to start is right at the lash line. I like to start in the middle because it's a little bit easier instead of starting in here where it needs to be very thin or at the end where we're making a wing. So just concentrate on the lash line first, just making it as thin as possible. If you see, I'm just doing tiny little strokes. And make sure you're not skipping any spaces in between the lashes. You want it to be as thin as possible first, we'll build it later. So once you have the entire lash line covered, we're going to start by building it as thin as possible at the inner corner and building it towards the outer corner. So just want to think of it going in and getting a little thicker. I like to start building right around here. I'm just going to start to bring it outward. As you can see I'm just building I'm doing little strokes. You don't have to get it all done in one sweeping motion. Just take your time.

That's a big thing with liquid liner, patience, and you want to make sure it looks really smooth. Make sure it stays straight as you can see. Now we're getting to the edge here, we're going to do a little bit of a wing. You don't necessarily have to do a wing, you could actually just drop it off and fade it into the side, but for this look we like a little bit of a wing. As you can see the shadow we already have on is guiding us as how we want to take the wing. It's also really important when you're doing liquid liner that you don't think about taking the line and swooping it upwards. You actually just want to continue building it and make the line pretty much straight when the eye is closed because when you open, it will looked curved. So here we're going to start the wing. I'm going to kind of take it downwards actually. You can see I'm actually pulling the eyelid outwards just to tighten it a little bit, just so its a little easier to drag the liner and get it really nice and clean. Now when we're doing this little tip out here you don't want to use much pressure, very light, and you want to keep checking making you're making both eyes even, there we go, and you always to connect this down to the base of the lash. Make sure that its connected. OK.

If you need to clean up a little bit I'm going to do a little bit on the tip, just do so. I like to use just a Q-tip and some makeup remover, and you can just kind of do a little sweep here. Get it nice and perfect. You can even use a concealer brush and a little bit of concealer to just kind of firm up and clean up that line. You want to just kind of add it right in there and just blend it down, and I like to just tap it in with my finger to make it look natural. And that is how to do liquid liner.

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