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How to Do a Daytime Smokey Eye

Learn how to do a daytime smokey eye in this eye makeup tutorial from Howcast.


If you've ever wanted to achieve a smoky eye during the day, but you don't want it to be too deep looking, this is what we're about to do. I'll give you some tips on how to do a daytime smoky eye.

First, I want to start with the lightest color in my palette. This color is actually called Bare. The palette that I'm using is Stila in the Light palette. We did prime her eyes. That is always the first step. Now, I'm going to apply the lightest color to the brow bone. For his look, I'm actually going continue to use the color all over the entire lid. I like to do this because it kind of gives a nice base to the eye to start out with. It evens out any darkness or veins that are showing through or unevenness. It's going to smooth that out. For this eye, I'm going to start with lighter colors and work to darker ones because it's a little bit easier to blend the dark into the light rather than light into dark.

This next color from the palette is called Sunset. It's a brown color, but it's got a little bit of shimmer to it, but not too much. I'm kind of tapping it in so that the shadow kind of sticks right into the lid. And I'm starting in the outer corner, in the crease. I'm just going to do this on the entire lid. All right. So that is the second color.

Now, I'm going to add a little more definition with our next darker color which is Sandstone. It's a slightly darker brown. It's also matte, so we're going to be getting a little more depth to the eye. If you can't really tell where the crease of your eye is, press on this little bone right here. And you'll kind of feel, so right where the bottom of the bone is, that's where the crease starts. A lot of times people don't have a very prominent crease, so this is how you'll know where it is on your eye. And you'll always want to remember to blend, so I'm going to be blending these colors downward. I like the darker color on the outer part o the eye. I'm going to bring that down a little bit, connect it to the lash line. I'm going to add a little more the lash line because we want it a little smokier. That's how we can achieve that.

Now I'm going to add the brown liner. This one actually comes in the palette that was using. It's really amazing. Close for me. It's very waterproof. It's a twist-up pencil. It goes on creamy. You can easily blend it. Remember to stay as close to the lashes as you can, as you're applying the liner. You don't want any spaces between the liner and the lash line. Now I'm going to use my smudge brush with the Sandstone again, the darkest color in the palette. Just blend that right up. Working it upwards into the shadow' that we've already applied. This is why it's nice to do the lighter colors first, then work darker. I'm going to keep working this up into the crease a little bit again. I'm going to get a big brush and kind of sweep everything off that's fallen.

Now, I'm going to take a little bit of the brown underneath the eye, making sure to connect the top shadow and the bottom shadow. You don't have to go all the way into the inner corner, but you can if you want. It give it a little more of the smoky look. I'm going to go back and use some of the lighter brown, just to blend it together. Use a little Sunset again. And I'm blending the darker color down into the lighter colors. And now I will go back through and blend the top and the outer corners with the lightest color and a nice, fluffy blending brush. It really gives it a nice, flawless finish. If you want, you could tap a little bit of golden shimmer right on top of the lid here. I like to do this, it really highlights the eye. This is just a little bit of a golden color, you kind of tap it in. And that is how you do a daytime smoky eye.

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