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How to Do a Hardcore Smokey Eye

Learn how to do a hardcore smokey eye in this eye makeup tutorial from Howcast.


If you want to achieve a hardcore smoky eye, there are several steps that I am going to instruct you on. Right now Bobby has tips from our basic smoky eye, so what we did to achieve this first prime. You always want to prime. Next, we did a little bit of black liner, the Urban Decay Perversion liner, and we smudged that up with a smudge brush and a little bit of black shadow and then blended it. We also took the shadow down underneath with the smudge brush, and that's basically where we are now, but we're going to continue to build upon this to basically make it a little more hardcore.

I'm going to start by using a little bit more liner. Starting with the lash line again, I'm actually going to bring the wing out a little bit more here because we're going to make it a little more intense. Don't be afraid to just kind of get in there and fill it in. I'm going to make it nice and dark. Don't worry if the line is not perfect because we're just going to be blending and smudging.

So now that we have the intensity starting at the lash, we're going to blend it up so it's fading more. We don't want it to just look like a chunk. I'm going to take the smudge brush, a little bit of black and going right on top of that. You want to work quickly so that this doesn't set. You really want a nice concentration of shadow and, if you see, I'm kind of bringing the line this way I'm going to make that a little bit clean. We'll clean this part up afterward so that it's nice and clean, but I'm going to bring the shape of the shadow out this way.

One cool thing to make an eye to look a little more hardcore is I'm actually going to incorporate a kind of cobalt blue color. The shadow that I'm using right now are from the Urban Decay smoke palette which I really love. It's perfect for any type of smoky eye that you're doing. You can get a natural smoky eye from this. You can get any type of color smoky eye or even a deep smoky eye like this. Also another tip, tapping on the shadow in some areas if you're [inaudible 02:20] pigment. Also, since this is a dark color, you want to be careful. You don't want too much fallout, but if fallout does happen, it's fine. We can clean it up. I'm just going to tape it in, doing tiny little strokes like this.

Since we're making it hardcore, I almost want it to look like her eyes are deeper in her sockets, so I'm going to take the darkness up this way towards her brow bone. We're not going to go any higher towards the brow on this outer edge. Now I'm about to start adding in the blue to get the little two-toned effect, and I'm going to use a little more of a compact brush. It's not quite as compact as the smudge brush, but this will do just fine in the blue. I'm going to start the blue over in this corner at the top, and start bringing it over on top to the line we had already made on the outer corner with the black. If you can see, it's kind of fading from darkest to lightest since we've got a really intense black pigment down towards the lash. I'm going to go back through with a little bit of black again at the lash line; I really want to make sure that the lash line is the darkest part of the eye.

So when you're doing a smoky eye, you really want to concentrate on the gradation of color. You want it to be very smooth and blended. So now I'm going to do a little bit of blending. I'm actually taking the lightest color in the palette, which is called [kinky], and I'm going to go at the brow bone and just kind of blend it down. That's not quite as harsh up here. I like to take a little bit of the light color, too, and do this outer side. It kind of cleans up the look and take it around the side. Any type of edge, you kind of want to blend down so that it's not too harsh.

Here we go, and now I'm going to do a little bit of work underneath the eye. I'm going to bring the blue, since we concentrated the blue right over here, I'm going to concentrate a little bit right here on the eye. I'm going to put a little more black in the outer corner, and you want to make sure that the upper shadow is connected to the bottom shadow, so I'm doing a little work in this corner over here.

The last step for this eye is to use the black liner on the inside, so I'm going to do the inner end now. I'm just pulling down on the eyelid a little bit and going ahead and lining. You want to make sure that there's no white space between the lash line and where your lining is, so you can take on the outside when you're done and do a little bit right here, a little bit over on this corner right here. And there you have it, a hardcore smoky eye.

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