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How to Do a Sultry Smokey Eye

Learn how to do a sultry smokey eye in this eye makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So if you're looking for an awesome date-night look, here's some tips on how to do a sultry, smoky eye. So, we already kind of applied a little bit of shadow here. We have some brown that's been darkened in the crease and at the lash line and we have some lighter browns kind of fading inwards on the lid and a little bit of highlight at the brow and on top of the eyelid right here. But it's not too intense. We really want to make this look pop, so we're going to add a little more intensity, now.

The first step that I want to do is add a nice highlight right at the brow that's going to be a little more bold than the matte one that we have on. We're going to use something with a little bit of shimmer. It's got a nice, golden undertone and it almost looks white in the palette but it comes out a little more gold when you apply it. So we're just going to make that brow bone pop. I'm also going to put a lot right here in the center of the eye.

The next step, we're going to add a little intensity to the crease and the outer corner. And for this, I want to use a nice matte black. And just make sure it's nice and smooth-looking. You don't want it to look too unblended. You want it to be nice and seamless. And I always I like to keep the intensity need to the outer corner over here. So if you see, I've got the most intensity right on the outside and I'm kind of taking this in like this, so it's fading from darkest to lightest this way. It might look a little bit harsh right now, but we will blend later. And I'm also going to give her a little bit of intensity in this inner corner, too.

So really, we're going to fade darkest to lightest here, darkest to lightest there, keep the center of the eye bright. And I'm doing a little bit of intensity right on the lash line, too. So it's really about kind of how you're shaping, how you're blending and paying attention to what areas are dark and what areas you want to leave light.

So next, since we're doing maybe a more sultry look, I'm going to use a little loose pigment. It's a really pretty gold color, here. And with loose pigment, you want to make sure you're using a brush that's not too loose. You want something that's going to easily be able to pick up the pigment. So I'm using a flatter brush here. I'm just going to start to add that in. As you can see, it's got a nice shimmer to it. I'm just pressing it right on to the lid. Definitely make sure that you are applying this with the proper brushes and the proper technique. Otherwise, it could get messy.

I'm going to blend this with my blending brush. I'm going to come back in with a little more black. Just intensify those corners where we had already applied the black. Just so that it doesn't get overtaken by the light colors. And now, I'm going to add a little intensity underneath the eye. Going to take my liner that I had been using. Little bit of a flat brush. And I'm going to bring it right into the inner corner here. So you don't want to go too thick, but I think for this kind of sultry look, I'm going to bring it down a little bit, the darkness, so it's not super thin. I'm connecting the bottom to the top.

And now, a fun little tip. I'm going to add a little bit of gold liner right to these inner corners here. Kind of gives the eye a little bit of pop and you want to make sure that you're blending it upwards, as well. And I'm going to blend it with a brush. Using a little bit more of that, kind of, lighter color that highlights at the top of the brow. Bringing it down and there you have it. A very nice, sultry, smoky eye.

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