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How to Do a Kim Kardashian Smokey Eye

Learn how to do a Kim Kardashian smokey eye in this eye makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So I know every one loves Kim K's iconic look. So here's some tips to get some general Kim Kardashian makeup tricks. The main thing that Kim does is she just accentuates the eye. She really plays up her almond shape eye, and one of the other big thing is lashes. Kim loves lashes, and she also likes these kind of piecey type of lashes. So that's what we'll do.

We're going to start with the eye shadow. We already primed which is the first step. Next, we're going to go in. I'm just going to use a little bit of a light shadow all over the entire lid, just to even everything out. It's a nice base step just to kind of brighten up the eye, and make everything look nice and even.

There we go. So now that we're even, I'm going to go back through, use a little more of a highlight color. I'm going to use some cool tones today, but you can do any type of color. Really, the main thing with this Kim look is accentuating your eye shade. So I'm just kind of putting this slightly shimmery cool tone shadow all over the lid. I'm not really going above the crease right now. Just to get a base of a little bit of color on there.

Shimmery is nice too, because it kind of catches the light. I like both shimmery, and mat, so you can play with either. And I'm just kind of tapping it on. Shadows that are a little more shimmery can tend to be a little more loose. So you want to use this kind of like tap, or rolling technique.

Now we're going to go back through and add a little bit of definition. I'm going to use some grey colors. I'm going to start with mushroom. This one's a little bit lighter. Then we're going to build to darker colors.

I'm going to start in the crease area. If you get a little fall out, no worries, you can just use a nice fluffy brush. Brush it off as you're going so it doesn't create more of a mess, and we'll just clean it up at the end.

Just like that. It's normal. And the color that I'm using now is from the Urban Decay smoke pallet, and the color that I use before was from the Stila in the garden pallet.

These pallets are really nice too, because you can get any type of daytime, nighttime from either of them. I love having some good pallets in your regiment at home. I'm going to play with the shape and I'm going to blend this a little bit upwards towards the brow.

A lot of the look she does is very lifted, especially from this area, so we're going to kind of draw this upwards, just like that. It's almost like you're making a line from the end of your lash to the end of your eyebrow.

Okay, now I'm going to use a little bit of a darker color. I'm going to use the asphalt color from this pallet, and it's a deeper grey. So I'm just kind of continuing to put this in the crease, but it's intensifying the depth a little bit more. Play up this little area over here. This is just kind of making the look a little bit more smokey.

It's very wearable. A little bit more right here since we're intensifying that. And always blend it inwards. So I'm going to go back and use a bit of the Mushroom again, just to kind of blend things. Just putting that right along the crease, but a little bit below it, just to blend those colors in.

When you're putting these shadows on, you don't want too go to far up to the brow bone. She really likes to kind of highlight her brows. Now I will blend out with the lighter color. I'm using the first color that we applied actually, Kinky. I like to do a little bit right here and just kind of sweep it up. It cleans that look right there.

Perfect. And do a little bit right on top of like where your pupil would be while your eye is closed, just to highlight right there. I just kind of tap it in since it's a very small area that we're applying it, and I want a lot of concentration of the color.

We're going to kind of clean up underneath the eye, since it's a little bit smokey and we had some fall out. You just want to make sure it's nice and clean. But it actually works because we're going to go back and highlight right here, because that's a very Kim thing to do.

Before we highlight I want to add a little bit of the smokiness underneath the eye so that we can clean that all up at the same time later. Okay, so how I'm going to add the smokiness is just to use a smudge brush and a little bit of black shadow. I'm going to add this in starting at the outer corner, and working our way over.

We don't want to close off the eye too much so I'm not going to go too far into the center area. Just going to kind of lightly bring it in. It's not too thick, and it's definitely not like a regular liner, it's going to have a little more of that kind of smokey effect.

I'm going to bring this up a little bit, right here. You can even bring this black and continue with the line that we had created. And a little bit into the crease on this side, a little bit over in this corner. Continue giving it a little definition. Okay, and one other thing that Kim does that's really nice. Is she uses a little bit of inner rim brightener. I'm actually going to use a flesh toned liner.

Basically you just kind of pull the lid down like this, apply. This looks great on camera because it really opens up the eyes. It's nice that we did a little more intense underneath and this is not quite as intense on the inside because it doesn't close her eye off. It actually intensifies and opens it up. Next I'm going to do a little bit of liner. She doesn't usually do a winged look. We're just going to do a basic simple liner, right on the top of lash line just to make the lash line look a little thicker. I just have a very thin brush here, and Laura Mercier, cream eyeliner.

What I'm going to do is take a little bit with the tip of my brush. Scrape it off, an then go right on the lash line, and just start filling it in. You don't have to think about making a very thick line. Just kind of go as thin as possible first. It really just adds to the balance of the eye and frames it a little bit more if you have a little bit of liner up here. And I feel like cream liner isn't quite as harsh as liquid liner can be. You can make it thinner, thicker, you really can play a lot with the cream liner. It does go a little bit thinner on the inner corner and work larger to the outer corner.

We're not really doing a wing, you want to make sure it's connected down over here. I'm going to go over it to highlight that we had been speaking about, and it just kind of cleans up the line of the eye too. She usually uses a pretty bright color. This highlight might look intense now, but once you add contour an blush, and everything else, it really just kind of makes the look cohesive. So I'm kind of making a line here with the concealer just to kind of clean this line up over here that we had been working on.

Blending it down and out. So the last step to getting your Kim K look is applying some kind of piecey, spidery type eyelashes. If you want to know exactly how to apply these, you can watch the other video that's in my series. But, we're kind of just placing these on right now. So as we had seen before, we did the nice kind of accentuated smokey eye. We really played up the eye shape, and then I also added a nice nude lip, because Kim loves a nude lip.

So as I'm applying this on, I'm going to let it dry, and then I'm going to reapply a little bit of black liner right over top. Just to kind of get it right where it needs to be, kind of push these lashes up a little, because Kim loves her big lashes. And that is how you do a Kim K smokey eye.

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