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How to Do an Adele Smokey Eye

Learn how to do an Adele smokey eye in this eye makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So, right now I'm going to show you some classic Adele makeup. The main things that make Adele iconic is the cut crease, kind of shadow look. She does a lot just in the crease, but keeps the top and the bottom of her lid lighter, and then she also does a really intense cat eye, usually like, a nice black solid liner, and a lot of lashes.

So the first thing I'm going to do is start with the shadow, and this is a matte shade. So I'd say most of the time she has a pretty matte shadow look. And I'm going to concentrate most of it right up here, at the lash line. I'm using kind of a more loose brush, nothing too thick or too intense, and now I'm taking it onto the lid, because that's the other place that we want to highlight. And this looks amazing if you have these two highlights here and at the brow, and then you put a really bold a liner on. It looks so good.

Alright. So next is, shadow in the crease. She usually does some clean colors. She usually doesn't go too bold with colors. So I'm going to use some brown. I'm just going to take backdoor out of my Urban Decay Smoked palette, and place this right in the crease. Now, if you can't tell where your crease is, it's not prominent, you can feel for this orbital bone right here, and it's right underneath that. And if you notice, I did take it all the way into this corner here, but we're not going to make it too intense. She really doesn't go too overboard with the shadow. The focus is more on the liner. And don't worry, we will blend it as soon as we're done applying the shadow. I usually like to make the shadow a little more intense, a little deeper first, blend afterwards. It just makes the process a little bit easier. It gives a little more structure to the eye and to the look. And I'm just going to kind of connect this down. We will be putting a winged liner right here, but we're going to start with this, just to kind of get the shape.

OK. So now I'm going to take a slightly lighter color, kind of blend it down, because right now it's a little harsh. I'm going to do Bar Lust from that same palette. And I'm just going over top what we've just done. It kind of brings down the intensity, blends it into the highlighter colors that we have placed already. And I don't really, for the Adele look, blend the shadow too far up. I'd say it's more of in the crease, blended downwards.

So next we're just going to go back and solidify that highlight that we had done, before we put the liner on. I'm going back with my blending brush, the light color, highlight color, just tapping a little more on. I'm going to do a little bit more up here. This also just kind of blends everything down. OK. And Adele usually does a little bit underneath her eyes, but not too much. I feel like she doesn't normally go all the way into this inner corner. She'll just do a little bit. So, I'm going to take my smudge brush, a little bit of the darker brown that we used, it's called Backdoor, and I'm going to start in the outer corner. This is where you want most of the intensity. And pull it over. I'm not going to quite all the way in. So just stop about right there. And we have already had inner rim brightener on the inner rim of our eye, which is just making that kind of shadow line that we just put right there, pop a little bit more. It looks really great.

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