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How to Do an Adele Cat Eye

Learn how to do an Adele cat eye in this eye makeup tutorial from Howcast.


So, right now I'm going to show you some classic Adele makeup. What I'm going to use is the Stila Stay All Day black liquid liner. It's really nice. It's actually in felt-tip form. There are a lot of different types of liquid liners that you can use. You can use cream liner. There are liners where you just continue dipping it back into a little pot.

So basically, you want to start as close as you can to the lash line. I usually like to start in the middle of the eye when I'm lining just because we're going to do a wing at the end and we're going to go really thin on the inside. So it's easy to start in the middle. Don't think about drawing the perfect line out first. Just kind of fill in these spaces in between the lashes to start.

You also want to think, the line needs to be much thinner on this inner part of the eye and you want to build it thicker as you're going to the outer side. So, thin and then it gets a little bit thicker, and then when we're doing the wing over here in a little bit, you want to taper it off really quickly.

So, we're doing, I want to get all the way into this middle part over here. All right, and now we can kind of start building now that we have the entire lash line done. So I'm going to start kind of taking the line up right about here, building it a little bit. You're just making it a little bit thicker.

When you're thinking about winged liner, you really don't want to think, "Oh, I'm going to do a wing now. Ooh!" and make it scoop up. You won't get the same effect. You really want to think about just kind of drawing the line out a little bit straighter because when you open your eye it will look as if it's curved up. It's easy for this look because we already have the shadow kind of showing us where we want the liner to go. So just kind of follow that, very easy. If you see, I'm kind of pointing the brush this way and sweeping this way. There are different ways to do it, but this is easy for me.

I'm just being very light over here. You don't want too much pressure, and I'm just continuing to make this little tip out here. Just very light with the brush and you want to make sure that you connect it down to the base of the lash line. You can even kind of come from this way if you want. You just want to get that to a nice point. It should be about dry. It dries really, really quickly, and this one stays on all day too. It's very, very waterproof. So there you go. That's a basic Adele look with a basic cat eye.

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