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How to Apply Shimmer & Highlights

Learn how to apply shimmer and highlights in this makeup tutorial from Howcast.


There are a lot of ways to highlight or use shimmer on your face. I'm going to give you some tips on what to do. First, you can use a primer that has a little bit of shimmer or radiance to it; I love the Laura Mercier one but we already prepped her with a foundation and a primer so I'm going to move right on to highlighting.

The highlighter that I'm going to use today is the Stila All Over Shimmer in Kitten. This one I love; it's actually a cream-based highlighter but there are powders. Basically, I'm going to do a few strokes right on the top of her cheekbone. This is where light is going to hit so we really want to highlight the top of her cheekbone and intensify contour if you do contour.

Next, I'm actually going to tap it in with my fingertip. You really want to make sure it's blended. It will take a little while but just kind of work it right in there. Actually, if you can see, I'm taking it up onto the temple and I'm going to bring it up to the top of the brow bone as well, but I like most of the concentration here. I chose this color for Bobbi because it's got a nice golden undertone and she has a beautiful kind of tan skin tone so I want to accentuate the golden undertone in her skin.

Now we have it blended right on top of the cheek bone, I'm going to apply a little bit around the brow. This really just kind of sets off the eye; I'm just brushing it right on. And this one, you can use matte highlights too but, right now, we're just focusing on shimmer. It really gives you a nice glow; I love a dewy look. Just continue to blend; it's amazing here. All right, now that we have that blended, I'm also going to put a little bit down the top of the nose. I like to highlight there; it's just kind of thins the nose a little bit too. You don't need too much. Tap it right in.

I know it looks crazy when it goes on and I'm actually going to use a little bit right on the top of her lip; this makes it look a little more plump. Perfect. So that's the highlight on the face. I'm also going to talk about highlight on the eye with shimmer. I'm going to use this color right here in the middle; it's a really nice kind of champagne type of color. I'm going to do a little bit on the other eye here. I like to do brow bone, kind of start right there.

If you notice the brush that I'm using is a little bit more of a firm brush. You don't want something that's going to be too loose because it won't pick up the pigment as well. So any type of loose pigment too, you kind of want to tap it on; this one's not too bad because it wasn't a loose pigment but, kind of tapping is how you want to apply shimmer so that it doesn't fall all over the face and create a huge mess.

I'm doing a little bit on the inner corner of her eye here too, because it just kind of opens the eyes up. So I did the brow bone, working it down. And you can do more shadow but this is just the basics. There you have it; how to apply shimmer and highlight.

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