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How to Apply Makeup with Brittney Rose

Learn about makeup artist Brittney Rose, one of Howcast's makeup experts, in this video.


Hi. My name is Brittney Hina, and I'm a makeup artist based out of New York City. I've been doing makeup for quite a while, my mom was actually a makeup artist. I'm originally from Ohio, so when I grew up she taught me her tips and tricks as I was growing up and it was always fun to have her do my makeup for events or prom, or just school life.

I loved the effect that she could give me once she did my makeup. It was just such an empowered feeling. I loved how confident it made me feel and that's what really drove me to start doing makeup. I remember in high school, all my girlfriends had to have me do their makeup before they were going out on a date. That was so fun to me because they relied on me to give them a sense of confidence.

So that's what really carried me to continue doing makeup once I moved here. I've done a lot of different things. I really do just about everything makeup wise. I've done weddings, photo shoots, short films, music videos, off-Broadway plays, literally anything you can think of, and I even do a little bit of special effects makeup as well, which is really fun.

I've even worked in retail makeup so I really know the client. I know you. I know your questions and that's what I feel I'm trying to purvey through these videos. If you want to keep up with me, my website is You can find all of my tips, some of my past work and I even offer classes. So you can inquire with me. If you want private classes I can come to your home and we'll do that together. So I hope this helped you out and I hope you feel empowered to try these things and tips and tricks that I've shared with you today. So, enjoy.

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