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Testicular Cancer Risk Factors

Learn about testicular cancer risk factors in this Howcast video.


The main risk factors for development of testicular cancer are family history of testicular cancer. So if you have a relative who has had it in the past, then you are at an increased risk of testicular cancer. The second most significant risk factor would be history of what's called an un-descended testicle, or Cryptorchidism. What that refers to is a failure of descent of the testicles. Normally, during the embryo-logic process as a baby is developing, the testicles start up here in the abdomen, and descend down into the scrotum. When there is a failure of descent, and the testis gets caught up a little bit higher, then that condition is called an un-descended testicle, or crypt organism. That process increases the risk of developing testicular cancer.

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