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Stage 3 Testicular Cancer

Learn about stage 3 testicular cancer in this Howcast video.


Stage three testicular cancer refers to testicular cancer that has extensively spread to other parts of the body.

Now testicular cancer spreads in a predictable manner. It originates in the testicle in most cases and usually first will spread to the abdominal lymph nodes and from there can spread to the lymph nodes in the chest and then can spread to other areas such as the brain.

Now, stage two cancer refers to cancer that has spread to the abdominal area. Now from there if you have further spread of cancer that has gone to the chest cavity or beyond, we would refer to that as stage three testicular cancer.

You would be in a small sub group of testicular cancer patients with advanced disease. In almost all cases of stage three testicular cancer the recommended treatment will be chemotherapy. The types of chemotherapy that are available and the number of cycles then are dictated by several factors and these are usually discussed with your medical oncologist prior to initiation of chemotherapy.

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