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Testicular Cancer Prognosis

Learn about the prognosis for testicular cancer in this Howcast video.


When we talk about prognosis for testicular cancer, what we're talking about is the chances of survival. Chances of surviving the cancer. What is your outcome going to be? And what are the odds that you're going to have certain outcomes?

And the great thing about testicular cancer is it's a very highly treatable cancer. If there's one type of cancer to have, that's probably better than most, is testicular cancer. It's highly responsive to the treatments we have, which can include radiation, chemotherapy, and/or surgery. And the survival rate for testicular cancer exceeds 90 to 95 percent.

The majority of testicular cancer patients will present with cancer that is confined to the testicle. In those patients, survival rates are essentially 100 percent. And even in the most advanced cases, where the cancer has spread to many other sides, or even the brain, the survival rate, or the success rate, of therapy, and the cure rate for the cancer, is well over 80 percent.

So of all cancers, testicular cancer is definitely highly treatable. However, one of the most important things to note is, there is a rigid surveillance protocol that's usually required. Because we need to make sure that the cancer does not spread, does not recur. And if it does, then patients need to undergo prompt treatment.

Those patients who do not do their appropriate follow up, and appropriate surveillance, and do not keep their appointments with their physicians, those are the ones we worry about in terms of developing recurrence of disease, or even dying from the disease at some point. But the vast majority of patients with testicular cancer will be cured of their disease, following treatment. So the prognosis overall for testicular cancer is excellent.

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