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Latest in Testicular Cancer Research & Treatment

Learn what's new in testicular cancer research and treatment in this Howcast video.


Many of the current treatment strategies that are used for the treatment of testicular cancer have been developed through academic institutions, where they were able to conduct research to confirm that these treatments are effective in curing testicular cancer. By the same token, the latest and most groundbreaking work that is being done in testicular cancer is also being done at many of these academic institutions.

Large cancer centers have clinical trials which are ongoing, which enroll testicular cancer patients so that we can modify some of our protocols for chemotherapy or various other treatments to find the best protocol that has the patient's quality of life in mind. So many of the groundbreaking work that's being done and many of the ongoing research protocols that are being done are conducted through these academic centers.

To find out more about what is going on in your local community, you can ask your local urologist to find out where the closest testicular cancer centers are. He or she may be able to direct you to some of these centers where you can get plugged in to ongoing clinical trials. You can ask questions about some of the trials that are ongoing there as well.

But the best way to get access to those centers is, talk to your urologist or your medical oncologist and they can give you more information about that.

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