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Medication & Erectile Dysfunction

Learn how some medications can cause erectile dysfunction in this Howcast video.


If you're seeing your physician for the problem of erectile dysfunction, then will often ask a series of questions.

We ask about your history, your medical history. We will also ask about various medications you may be on, because there are a number of medications which can affect your ability to have erections.

Some of the more common classes of medications that we think about are blood pressure medications, as well as medications used for the treatment of depression. So, there are certain prescription drugs that you may be on, which may impair your ability to have erections.

Now, if you are on some of these medications and they are contributing or they're causing your erectile dysfunction, we may ask you to be evaluated by your primary care physician. Or whoever prescribed those medications, to see if they could be modified, just a slightly different regiment that won't affect your ability to have erections.

There are also elicit substances that are not prescription, things like marijuana, alcohol. And these can also impair your ability to have erections, and cause erectile dysfunction.

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