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Alcohol & Erectile Dysfunction

Learn how consuming too much alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction in this Howcast video.


If you suffer from an erectile dysfunction, then it's important to understand what some of the causes related to your lifestyle may be, that could be contributing to these problems.

If you speak to your physician about your problem of erectile dysfunction, then he will commonly ask you questions related to your medical history, use of medications, use of illicit substances, including the use of alcohol.

Alcohol is a known depressant to your body, and can often contribute to erection problems. It makes it more difficult to not only have erections, but can make it harder to sustain erections, and can affect the sexual experience.

So, especially if you are a heavy alcohol user, you may want to get counseling on stopping the use of alcohol or joining community programs like Alcoholic's Anonymous to help you with your alcohol addiction.

Even the social use of alcohol sometimes can affect your ability to have erections. Just be aware that even one or two drinks may impair your sexual experience or impair your ability to have erections.

Alcohol is a common cause of erectile dysfunction that you should certainly be aware of.

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