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Stress & Erectile Dysfunction

Learn how stress can cause erectile dysfunction in this Howcast video.


There are a number of factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction. Some of the most common ones that we face as urologists when someone comes for evaluation are psychological conditions, factors such as stress. This may be stress in your normal daily life, stress from your job, stress from work, stress regarding money issues, stress regarding interpersonal relationships with your spouse or partner.

These are all factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction. In some cases where there may be psychological processes going on such as depression, patients may seek treatment for those psychological conditions. And those types of treatments may actually tend to improve some erectile function issues. But regardless, stress is an important factor to consider when we consider all the possible causes of erectile dysfunction.

And I think it needs to be taken into account when we talk to patients and counsel them on ways to improve their sexual functioning. A lot of things can be done about stress, making lifestyle changes in your life, incorporating relaxation techniques, meditation, various other process that can help to reduce stress in your life. And these may have the added benefit of improving erectile function.

So definitely stress is a factor and we should consider it when counseling patients regarding these types of problems.

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