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What Is Peyronie's Disease?

Learn about Peyronie's Disease -- scar tissue inside the penis that causes curved, painful erections -- in this Howcast video.


Peyronie's Disease is a inflammatory condition that affects the penile tissues.

The penis is comprised of three cylinders. Two cylinders act as the erectile bodies or what we call the Corpora Cavernosa. There is a third cylinder called the Corpora Spongiosum where the Urethra, or the channel that you urinate through, goes through.

But the Corpora bodies, or the erectile bodies, have a dense fibrous tissue that encases them. And Peyronie's Disease is a disease process where that dense tissue around the erectile bodies becomes fibrotic or scars. When you have scar or plaque formation in that area that can cause curvature to the penis when there's an erection. There's also an increase incidence in erectile dysfunction associated with this disease process.

Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what causes Peyronie's Disease. There are several theories that it may be related to a trauma related process or a process that increases the risk of inflammation. Disease processes such as autoimmune conditions where your body actually attacks its own tissues.

Regardless, there is some abnormal scar tissue formation or fibrosis which occurs that causes formation of these scar areas within the tissue surrounding the erectile bodies, then that tissue can no longer expand normally. The opposite side, the tissue on the opposite side will expand normally, but the tissue where the plaque or scar is cannot expand. So, what happens then, when there's an erection the opposite side lengthens but the affected side cannot lengthen, so there ends up being a curvature towards the affected side.

Now, Peyronie's Disease can sometimes affect a person's ability to have sexual activity. Not only can it increase the risk of creating or causing erectile dysfunction, but even if you're able to have normal erections in some cases the curvature can be so severe that it can impair the ability to perform penetration during sexual activity.

So, that's how this disease process can affect your sexual function. But again it is a disease condition which research is ongoing to figure out why it occurs. And research is ongoing to figure out what some potential treatments are for this condition.

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