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Treatment for Peyronie's Disease

Learn about treatment for Peyronie's Disease -- scar tissue inside the penis that causes curved, painful erections -- in this Howcast video.


Peyronies Disease is a disease process where there's scar tissue formation in some of the tissues of the erectile bodies. This disease process can then lead to severe curvature of the penis. This can make it difficult to participate in sexual intercourse and can make it difficult for penetration.

If penetration is possible, it can also make the process somewhat painful for the patient. Not only that, but it can also lead to an increased risk of erectile dysfunction. Though there is ongoing research regarding the causes of Peyronies Disease as well as the potential treatments, there is not one great treatment for this condition.

People have experimented and done research on various medications that have anti-inflammatory properties to see if it can reduce the progression of formation of this scar tissue. People have also tried various injections of medications directly into the scar tissue to try to make it regress or disappear.

In some cases, there can be some improvement with some of these injection modalities or some of these medications, and in other cases these treatments can stabilize the plaque so as to reduce the risk of progression to worsening of the disease. In severe cases, when these types of treatments are not working or ineffective, then we may actually consider surgical options or surgical treatments for correction of the curvature.

And there's a whole series of reconstructive procedures that can be done. In some procedures, the opposite side of the scar can actually be shortened in order to straighten the penis and reduce the curvature. In other procedures, the scar tissue can be incised, which allows it to spring open.

Then there is a defect there that then can be filled in with some tissue that is brought in from other locations. In some cases we can use grafts of tissue from other sites such as veins or other tissues to put into that defect to allow it to expand further. Some of the risks of these surgical procedures includes the development of erectile dysfunction, following the procedure.

So if the condition is severe enough that you choose to pursue surgical intervention, you should be aware that there are risks associated with any possible surgical intervention. So, though the disease process is not well-understood, there's ongoing research regarding the causes and potential therapies for these conditions.

There may be something that can be done for you if you suffer from some of these conditions or if your Peyronies Disease is severe enough to warrant it.

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