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Vasomax & Erectile Dysfunction

Learn about Vasomax, a medication used to treat erectile dysfunction, in this Howcast video.


Vasomax is a product that is called Phentolamine. Phentolamine is an alpha blocker.

And what alpha blockers do is they relax smooth muscle, including smooth contained within arterial walls. In theory then Phentolamine or Vasomax leads to dilation of blood vessels. And there's a theoretical advantage for patients that have erectile dysfunction.

Phentolamine is often incorporated in the United States within formulations that use combinations of drugs that can be directly injected into the penile tissues to serve as a direct vasel dilator, or dilator of blood vessels to encourage erections.

However it also occurs in pill format. And the pill format called Vasomax is not FDA approved in the United States for treatment of erectile dysfunction. It has gained approval in various other countries such as Brazil. However it has not been approved here in the United States for that purpose. The drug, the active compound, as I mentioned, is commonly incorporated within solutions that are used for injection purposes, however. But that has a completely different role and a completely different effect on the tissues.

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