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How to Use a Fat Cap to Draw Graffiti

Learn how to use a fat cap to draw graffiti in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Pays164. Now, we're going to demonstrate how to use a fat cap. First, a fat cap is a type of tip that's going to spray much wider than the normal tips found on your stock spray paint can. You have snowballs. Montana has a series of fat caps out, very easy to find. It's more than just putting a fat cap on and writing. You've got to keep your hands a good amount of space away from the wall, so too much paint doesn't build up, and a little bit of wrist action to give it a little bit of flair. Real quick tag.

As you can see, I'm actually keeping my hand fairly far away from the wall, giving it that nice wide fat cap flair. Depending on the tip you've got, that flair could be much bigger. Again, fat cap tagging, rock your wrist as you bring those letters across. Give yourself at least a good four to six inches away from the wall as you spray. Make sure that your tips are compatible with the spray paint you buy. Rock and roll, it's fat cap time.

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