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5 Best Graffiti Tips

Learn five great tips for graffiti artists in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Pays164, and here are a couple tips to remember while painting graffiti. First good tip to remember is write the color that's in the can on the can. You're out and about, it's getting a little darker outside, you're shuffling through your bag trying to get the right color out... It's just a whole lot easier to see it real big.

Another good tip on that topic; getting those tips separated into individual baggies, maybe just initialing the bag. These are all just good helpful things when you're doing those blockbusters and billboard styles. Another good tip, I would say; when in-door spray-painting or working on projects use a good respirator. You don't want to be breathing all that paint in, and wear latex gloves. The paint can build up on your fingers real good, and if you have to get somewhere right after you get done with your project and want your hands clean, take the glove and throw it away.

Then, finally, getting into a big project-type piece, or a burner, you want to get up there with a sketch and really get a good, complicated wild-style down. Feel free to put a line right down the middle and mimic that stuff with a line down the center of the wall, like we've talked about in some of the other videos. Just a couple of quick tips to help you get through the process safe and sound.

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