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3 Graffiti Letter Structuring Tips

Learn three tips on how to structure your letters in graffiti with this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Pays164, and here's some of my better letter structuring tips. I like to kind of structure my letters off of different images. If I'm down in New Mexico painting with my friends I might kind of shape my; P, A, E, S, just to kind of vibe with the environment like cactus's. Keep that in mine when you're doing your piece, maybe in your environment or what's going on in your life, could be something funny translated into the piece. Doesn't mean you got to be like, Oh, I'm going to paint a tiger piece and do it orange with stripes. But yet, the shape of it can be striking like a tiger.

Another good tip with structuring your piece is symmetrics. You can either set it up where the piece leans one direction, the 3D goes one direction, or the piece is actually almost like a cross, in a sense that it shoots off in all directions. The symmetrics definitely plays a big part in getting all the math of your letters down and getting your style in a shape, in a form, and a way that's going to look really great when you're painting your next mural.

Taking a look at this piece, I've broke it down simply by just cutting it off in four different shapes, dropping my 3D down the center, and giving it a real boxy look. Given such a size wall that's no too big that I need to try to fit everything in in one big shot, and I wanted to really elaborate on my fill-in colors. So using the space to do bulky, almost block-style letters, was the way I went.

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