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4 Graffiti Letter Spacing Tips

Learn four tips on how to space your letters in graffiti with this Howcast video.


Hey, I'm Pays164, and here's a couple of tips for the best spacing techniques when you're painting your graffiti piece. We discussed earlier in some videos that you can come through, and apply a line across the wall. Count your bricks if there's bricks. Take footsteps to divide up each letter so you how how big you want to do your graffiti piece.

But if you want to do something really big, then you have to take it up to the next step, and probably with the materials left around. Working with a ladder, a perfect example of how to measure. If you have a four, five or six letter name, lay the ladder on the sidewalk. Walk it over and spray paint one line, and go all the way down. It's as simple as that. It's just something to keep in mind on how to get your piece looking right and proportionate with the spacing technique.

Another spacing technique is to space between the background of your mural to the actual piece itself. Keep that in mind. Sketch your graffiti piece out, then work on the background. Then come back and finish the graffiti piece. You're going to save tons of time, and have a better result.

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