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How to Clean & Fix Graffiti Mistakes

Learn how to clean and fix graffiti mistakes in this Howcast video.


Hi. I'm Pays164, and here's a little demonstration on how to clean up and fix mistakes. Sometimes you might come through and, oh my goodness, just make a really good little mess of yourself. Simply just coming back and doing techniques called cutting will clean everything up. Same color as I used for the fill, I'll now come back and clean up that outline, even before I do my inner gel or outer gel, just to alleviate some of this excess black I did. It's just a matter of overlapping, making sure you're giving yourself enough time for the outline to dry, and just cutting into the piece and crispening it back up.

So you can see right here, I started to do some of my fades and kind of maybe came across the orange a little more than I would have liked. And again, the technique of cutting. I come back with my lightest color orange and cut back into it, giving myself that crisp line even though I've already transitioned colors. So just simply coming through and cutting into it. Now it's more defined, clean, crisp, ready to go. Mastering cuts like these is definitely the definition of panic control.

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