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5 Graffiti Painting Tips

Learn five graffiti painting tips in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Pay164. Here's some quick techniques while doing graffiti. First and foremost, get the right tips so you apply the right type of fades and flares to your graffiti piece. For example, fat caps work great when your writing and tagging your name, just by bending your wrist back and forward, almost as in cursive. Picture that and watch the flares on the top of the letter pop off, great technique. Another helpful hint; when your doing a graffiti piece pick colors that are gonna compliment each but opposite color to do that outline in. That's always gonna ensure that people are gonna actually be able to see what your doing because everything is not just a jumbled mess.

Another good technique to make your graffiti pieces pop is the inner gel and outer gel. The outer gel is the outer outline of the whole outer outline of the piece, 3D included, and the inner outline of each individual letter. Here with the green you can see how I applied the inner gel that sets off all the other colors from the black outline of the graffiti piece.

One final technique to keep in mind, 3D's off your graffiti piece need to all come from the same direction, you can't have 3D's ending up all different ways. Step back, start off with one line off the end and build each line in its same horizontal direction, straight or whatever you're going to do. Make sure it all matches, you'll have a better graffiti piece that's 3D.

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