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How to Sharpen Your Graffiti Design

Learn how to sharpen your graffiti design with this Howcast video.


I'm Pays164, and I'm going show you some techniques on sharpening up your design when it comes to your graffiti piece. After getting the outline in place. After getting all the fill in place. Sometimes the complicated fill-ins, how they cross colors over each other, makes it almost impossible to come back and use that same color to crisping it up. Well, we like to refer to as an inner outline or inner gel. Simply take the color and come on the inside of the outline and use that final color as a means of crisping up the outline and sharpening up the whole piece. Some of the things when you do these inner gels and inner outlines, it's best to use to skin your tips.

Getting that fine tip will allow you to crisping it quicker. Make sure you're also completely satisfied with how you have your fill-in done and how you have your outline in place. You don't want to come back and start layering and layering once you've already come to one of the final steps of your mural. Another tip I would suggest is just really lightly press in the tip. Again you're trying to shoot the paint quickly. Almost preset yourself up for the line you're going to do by acting it out and then following it through with lightly pressing on the tip. This will definitely get you a much thinner line and crisper and even sharper finished product.

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