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How to Do Shadowing in 3D Graffiti

Learn how to do shadowing in 3D graffiti with this Howcast video.


Hey Pay164 back again. This time we are going to talk about shadowing in 3-D. The same piece I've been working on my E, is very much 3-D; popping directly up and bring the perspectives straight down. Now dealing with the shadows, you also have to follow that same direction. Coming in and just putting the shadow anywhere will ruin the 3-D. So for me, I got these drop points where the box is coming straight up, basically my darkest point and the same as the flare and fading technique I showed you earlier. You are tilting the can in and keeping to where your fingers are just right above the wall and just lightly hitting it with a little darker tone. Once we come back and apply the colors on the top of the E all these drops will really make it look 3-D and really make it stand out.

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