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How to Apply Drips in Graffiti

Learn how to apply drips in graffiti with this Howcast video.


Hey! You're with Pays164, and now we're going to talk about applying drips. I know that's a scary subject, right? But purposely doing paint build up to apply drips can be great for color fill-ins for your graffiti piece. Across the whole top of my piece, I'm doing this purple pealing down. It's as simple as just consistently holding that tip down and moving a little bit slow so that the paint builds up. Something that you don't usually want to do, but in this case, it brings those drips all the way down. Some of the drips that might fall in and out of the graffiti piece will get cleaned up as we move along and get the outline knocked out.

When you're going to build up your paint to apply these drips to your mural, make sure that you're working off the color with the drip that you've already started with. You'll see how the paint will build up, but to keep it from looking like a fat chubby line of paint, you can then come off the top and apply a flaring technique to fade the thickness of the paint back into the color you started with. It will give it an even, smooth start to finish from color to drip. Now that we've gotten that messy drip out of the way, you can also just paint a drip. Maybe a large teardrop type shape.

With my E, right off the 3-D at the bottom, I'm going to come in and exactly what I said with a teardrop shape. I've used a color a little bit lighter than the orange that I applied to the E, so when I come to color it in, it faded into place. It looks like the paint is almost melting off.
A drip like that can go in any direction. You have more control. Gravity is not playing a part, so it can peal, go to the top or go to the bottom, whatever your little heart desires.

Just like anything else, pick the right spots to put your drips in. Don't make it a drippy mess. When you are painting the drips verses applying them by build up, do not build the paint up there. You don't want a mess down there. That's about the only time you're going to get away with it.

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