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How to Do Abstract Lettering

Learn how to do abstract lettering in graffiti with this Howcast video.


Hey, I'm Pays164. Now we're going to discuss in our graffiti series, abstract lettering. Man, it doesn't get much crazier than that. This is really all up to you. Very simply, I'm going to start off with the A. I'm just going to rock some abstract shapes, and through these shapes, build up the A I was looking for.

Now again, when it comes to an abstract style, it's really endless on the type of shapes, and references you can use in your graffiti piece, but you definitely want to still not lose the basic shape of the letter. So, keep that in mind when you're developing your abstract style. It could be a marbleized ball representing the O, to a broken lamppost representing an L. Nevertheless, each one of these shapes are representing a letter, so that you could still read what you're trying to put out there.

A good way to experiment with your letters in reference to abstract graffiti artwork, is to maybe even simply get your letters out on a piece of paper, very simple. Take a piece of tracing paper, lay it over it, and then see how you could take certain shapes and lay them into place over the letters, and still build up each letter. It's quite a good way around it, and you get it done, easy.

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