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How to Do Graffiti Symbols

Learn how to do graffiti symbols with this Howcast video.


All right, I'm [Pays164]. We're going to talk about graffiti symbols. Some of the more simpler symbols. If you were going to be tagging your name like so, maybe a crown to show you're the king of your block, followed by some stars. As you can see, I'm just kinda rolling my hand around, twisting around. Real common designs in graffiti and tagging. Mostly these symbols are just highlights around the letter that you're putting on the wall.

Again, when it comes to graffiti symbols and stuff, it's just about your own style and how you're going to incorporate these dots, stars, crowns, abbreviations into your piece, into your tagging to developing your own style. Working on a crown, you just want to give yourself a little, narrow oval. As you do the tips to the crown, it's almost like you're doing an A, just rocking from top to bottom. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Elaborate off that if you want. Get a little more clever with it.

A star; same situation with the A, but you're rocking it back and forth to create your five points. You know, a little funky, usually pretty quick. You can go as far as leaning it out to flair everything as you bring it around. Then to underline every pieces just give it a little twist. It's all about keeping it in proportion with your tag and being quick about it too. Sometimes you might find yourself with a lot of paint on your hands. Bring gloves, removable when needed.

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