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3 Tips on Sketching a Graffiti Mural

Pick up three tips for sketching a graffiti mural with this Howcast video.


Hey, this is Paes 164 and here's some tips and advice on sketching your graffiti mural. Picking a black or a darker wall, obviously a lighter color to sketch with. Try not to use too many colors and get yourself super confused, whether it's a wild style 3D or any type of lettering style that you're going to do. If you're getting into multiple letters, but you might want to change up different characteristics of the letter you can always just switch the color then.

So just the sketching alone, it ain't nothing but the rough lay out of your piece. You know as you go through and get it all laid out, you can come back and start coloring different sections to really make it pop. So once you've got your whole sketched out, picking one letter that you want to switch up, might be better to go ahead and get a brighter color. That way you don't get lost in the whole wild-style color scheme of your design.

So with my E, I've already dropped the 3D off of it, but I'm just going to go ahead and re-outline the outer outline of the E. So when I come in and put all the colors of my fill-in, this is still going to be really easy to seem and really easy for me to do something a little bit different with it, than what I've done with the rest of the piece.

Now if you're dealing with a lighter colored background, maybe light pastel colors like purple, like fuchsia colors are going to be easier to work with. Don't go too dark, because you still might find yourself needing to come back with a second color to make that letter stand or shine out from the rest of the group. And that's a real quick approach on how to do some easy sketching techniques, to get your piece ready for a full color disaster.

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