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How to Do Block-Style Graffiti

Learn how to do block-style graffiti in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is [Pays164], and today I'm going to demonstrate block style. So, much like a blockbuster and exactly how it sounds, it's just a real blocky, strong way to put your letters out there so everybody can read it real legibly, still not neglecting any style. I'm just going to rock a big B for you.

I mean, really solid, block letter; real clean, making it real easy to read. A perfect type of letter when you get to big, large situations, you really want everybody to see what you've got going on. You can just get those big, blocky letters up. Maybe add little hang overs, little pieces here and there to stylize it. But you have pretty much big, bold, solid straight block style, blockbuster. There you go.

Another tip, if you're doing big, block styles, don't be afraid to get your whole body involved in it. Place your can up, and rock your whole body all the way down, to get that straight line. Go through, divide up your letters, get each straight line down, and then build your letters off of it. Also, I would recommend using fat cats for block styles. That way, you just have a nice, clean, bold outline versus some of the thinner outlines you would use the thin tips for, in the graffiti pieces.

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